Why Don’t You Like Me?

Validation: the common-thread that seems to hold this generation of “likes”, “views”, and “follows” together. Frontline’s Generation Like, takes a deep look at the nitty-gritty aspects of social media, revealing much that we don’t usually discuss.

Image by Dadara

A lot of what we see in the film sheds a light on a seemingly simple process—such as clicking “like” on someone’s video or post—and exposes all of the intricate levels of interaction that create an entirely other society, if you will. I would consider myself a part of this new virtual community; but because I am aware of its negative elements I tend to not participate to the degree that we see in the documentary. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the Hunger Games, Taco Bell, or Tyler OakleyGeneration Like shows us the power that likes and views gives online communities. Who doesn’t want to be liked? Who doesn’t want to know everything there is to know about what they like? This generation is all about surrounding oneself with the things they like!

Many moments in the film are fascinating, but scenes with teenange-skater-turned-sponsor-magnet Steven Fernandez made me cringe. This is the side of the internet that, arguably, is a threat to the world’s intellect. I have always been of the opinion that our generation has so much technologically at our fingertips that can be used for good and often times it’s kind of just used for stupidity. Regardless, the insight the documentary gives us is much appreciated.


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