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Are we really in the “Like” Generation? Have we gone from hard copies to digital everything? From watching the program “Generation Like” by Frontline shared on PBS ( to an external site.) I found that reoccurring theme that this is our digital future.

facebook_login            I thought they did a great job at examining more in-depth about what goes on behind the scenes of social media and the real equations at the back of likes, shares and the exposure it brings. I especially liked the part of the broadcast when they interviewed Oliver Luckett, whom is the creator of his company, The Audience ( He really simplified and broke down the process of gaining followers and likes and how companies can turn that into expositional brand growth. His company sets out to “Turn Likes into Love”. A great marketing slogan, whatever your definition of “Love” may be.

I enjoyed watching “Generation Like”. It held great content that left me wanting to learn more. However, I did feel like there was an uneasy feeling throughout the film. Almost as if, this online generation is a bad or scary thing. Instead of being wary about this, we should learn to embrace the online world and use it to your own liking (pun definitely intended).


-Kaley West


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