Back In My Day, We Had To Use A Real Goddamn Thumb

Being almost forty years old, it was rather painful listening to almost an hour of interviews with teenagers and millennials. That said, I think what I take from this is the dichotomies that social networking is creating between positive and negative consequences. On one hand, you see the kid actually making a substantial living from revenue generating components of social media. The downside sees kids, who already have enough insecurities as it is, developing flawed self esteem by either too many followers and “likes” creating a faux sense of self worth to not enough followers and likes resulting in a faux sense of self loathing. In addition, I believe one of the most debilitating aspects of social network is it’s ability to reward someone for simply “intending” to accomplish something as observed in this study (Links to an external site.).

Anyone one can post their intentions of the all the great things they are going to accomplish and receive the same positive feedback without lifting a finger. God, if only it were that easy. (


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