The New Device Offered By Struggling Blackberry Is Hideous Looking — I Must Have One!

Arguably the first to arrive on the scene with early versions of what we now call smartphones, Blackberry was the only game in town. But along came apple, and shortly after that, Android. Rather than keep up, Blackberry relied on laurels and enterprise platform that, still, boast the best security out there. It wasn’t enough and the company floundered for the past decade just trying to play catch up. It seems they might have finally emerged out of their rut with the Passport smartphone.

The device is one big hunk of phone. Nothing terribly streamlined about it, however, it’s combination of touch screen and a physical qwerty keyboard that, get this, is also a touch feature, bundled with strong enterprise platform makes this look like the phone to own. Especially for business. But let’s not kid ourselves, the true reason to own this device is not for the functionality and features, it’s so you can piss off both the Apple and Android weenies.


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