Terms and Conditions May Apply

When we sign up for a new social media account most of us scroll right past the terms and privacy policy and go straight to “accept.” We then upload our photos and begin making posts right away, but what have we just agreed to? I read the privacy policy for the Instagram app, and wasn’t surprised at first, but as I kept reading I found I was agreeing to a lot more than I initially thought. Some things that didn’t surprise me were that Instagram collects your personal information such as your name, number, and photos you post, which is fine, but who is getting this information? They say they “won’t rent or sell your information without consent” that is except for businesses they work with, third party advertising partners, and third parties that are “service providers.” As well as sharing your information if there is a legal request, even if it is from outside of the United States. They also state they cannot ensure the security of your information. Oh and keep in mind they are free to change or update these terms at any time without letting you know, so “make sure to re read them periodically.”


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