Terms Shmerms

Currently, the social media platform I tend to use the most is YouTube; thus, I decided to read their Terms of Service so that I understand a bit more what I’m getting into when I click “Agree”.

What did I find, you ask? Well, YouTube blatantly exempts itself of any responsibilities regarding the harm (of any nature) that may occur to its users. The site, purchased by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion, “assumes no liability or responsibility for any unauthorized access to or use of [their] secure servers and/or any and all personal/financial information stored therein”. They also state that they will not be held accountable if any bugs or viruses are transmitted through their servers by a third party.


Essentially, if hackers get into the servers at YouTube and access your personal information, you won’t be able to sue YouTube. They will wipe their hands clean of any responsibility because you “knowingly” accepted.

On one hand, I do understand that to a certain extent YouTube should protect itself against the potential millions of lawsuits that could occur if somehow there was a breach within their technology. Though, on the other hand, it seems to me that they are solely interested in protecting themselves and not really the information of their users (which are responsible for the success of the site). With that being said, I’m sure you encounter the same dilemma that I do: Do I stop using their service(s) because they require me to agree that I won’t blame them if somehow my information is harmed or stolen; or do I continue to use their service, which I love, with the acknowledgement that I am willingly putting myself at risk? Embarrassingly enough, I’ll go with the latter option for now.



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