More Simply Put

Almost distracting, on the far right hand column of the Terms of Service of Pinterest, are boxes stating  “More Simply Put”. These boxes attempt to simplify the verbiage of their policies such as what you can pin, privacy, copyright, etc.  The next tab over you discover what information they acquire and what they do with it. They remind you as a consumer that you voluntarily provide your information to them such as name, photo, etc. along with pins, cookies, log data, any Pinterest symbol outside of their website that you visit, etc. Also noted if you use your cell phone you are providing your location along with device information. And finally if your Pinterest is linked with sites such as Facebook and Twitter,  they are privy to all of your personal information found on those sites as well.  As for the issue of security, they claim to “care about the security of our users” but they don’t provide much detail of specific measures they take and they offer no guarantee that outside parties don’t pose a threat; they just ask for you to contact them.  This is a bit unnerving due to all of the information they appear to collect which makes the consumer’s information quite vulnerable.

You will discover in the Terms of Service, Pinterest uses the word “choose” such as “you can also choose”. I think it’s important to understand that you don’t necessarily have much of a choice regarding access to your information; the real choice is whether you will sign up or not.



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