1. How much does it cost?

Dropbox offers two options when signing up. You can sign up for the basic package that is free or you can sign up for “Drop Box Business”, which is $75.00 a month or $750.00 a year, per user.

  1. What kind of storage is available? (Is it just docs? Or can it upload media file, pictures, video)

Dropbox offers 2 GB of free space when you sign up. They also provide ways of earning more free space if you refer friends to sign up with drop box. You can upload all types of files with Dropbox, including; media, pictures, video as well as documents.

  1. How secure is it?

Dropbox uses something called “Secure Sockets Layer” to secure their data. Dropbox has the higher hand with all their information but state that a small number of employee have access to the files and data of their users.

  1. What features are available to the user? Is it desktop access only? Does it have mobile apps? Is it integrated into an already existing OS or digital ecosystem?

There are many features for the users of Dropbox. This system is able to be downloaded to your desktop main frame to make it easily assessable to share files. As a user you can access Dropbox not only on your desktop but on your mobile device.

  1. Why you selected this Cloud service to highlight.

I selected Dropbox to highlight because it is a service that I frequently use. I didn’t realize how convenient it was to use Dropbox to share lots of files until recently. I needed to share a large amount of family photos with my siblings and Dropbox made it incredibly easy for me as a user. I thought it would be interesting to learn more about this cloud service.  

Kaley West


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