Match Made in the Cloud



Picasa, derived from the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, is an image organizer and viewer for digital photos.  It began in 2002 and merged, without notice to its users, as part of Google + in 2013.  

When introduced, Picasa came with 250 MB of free space. In March of 2007, a free upgrade to 1 GB was provided.  Since the merge with Google the structure, storage and cost goes as follows:

Google Drive

Anything you create with Docs, Sheets, or Slides won’t use up any of your storage.


Attachments sent and received in Gmail as well as your email messages use your storage.

Google+ Photos

Photos bigger than 2048×2048 pixels use your storage. Everything smaller is free.

If you need or desire more storage you will pay $1.99 month for 100GB to $299 month for 30TB.

A concern using Picasa is you grant Google copyright to your uploaded images.  Another is  that people may have the opportunity to copy your images if gifted with internet knowledge. Google of course tries to do all they can to prevent this from happening including a password application that is helpful in making sure privacy and visibility setting are securely set.

Another aspect about Picasa is it does not store the photos on your computer and your original photos are preserved. When using editing tools in Picasa, your original files are never touched. The photo edits you make are only viewable in Picasa until you decide to save your changes.

Some interesting options you have using Picasa is you’re able to interact with your photos. You can view your photos in high resolution even when you’re offline. A fun benefit is the ability to stream your photos and videos to Apple TV from your iPad or IPhone using AirPlay. You may want to set up multiple accounts and search albums by name to find specifics. If invited, you can explore  friends’ albums and photos.

Picasa makes uploading multiple photos and videos in full resolution to your account easy. You have the option of to choose different image sizes. You can upload photos from cameras and DSLRs using the Camera Connection Kit. Auto Uploads backs up your Camera Roll photos to Picasa Web Albums. You can adjust the setting so your Photo Stream on your phone automatically uploads into the et Web Albums.

Manage your Picasa Web Albums photos and albums is a breeze. You can add, edit, and delete captions. Move and delete your photos and videos. Edit photos by making teeth whiter, blemish remover, color adjustments. Add, delete, rename, and adjust privacy preferences for your albums.  Export your photos to other popular photo editing apps if you prefer.

Share your Picasa Web Albums pictures by email, Facebook, and Twitter. The iPad becomes the perfect Picasa photo frame using the slideshow feature. You can save your Picasa photos in full resolution to your camera roll. Another great feature is the ability to create a photo collage inside Web Albums. Choose from a variety of frames in various aspect ratios like square and postcard sizes. Apply border widths, colors. Also, you can send to your own printer.

I have used Picasa for the past 5 years and have been pleased with the results.  The editing feature is far more simple then Photoshop and has yielded great results.


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