Chloe’s Crazy Cool Cards

My friend has her own business named: Chloe’s Crazy Cool Cards. She designs, prints and sells her cards. She specializes in printmaking and specifically makes cards for all types of occasions. Chloe has a store in Salt Lake and has a website that hasn’t been updated since 2001. She asked for my advice on ways to improve her website. I have complied a few Web 2.0 ideas and routes she can take to drive more traffic for her business. These include; E-commerce, Storenvy, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

E-Commerce: Chloe’s business specializes in printing her artwork for occasional cards. She also can use her art towards other avenues. She will stock up her store with merchandise for walk in customers. I have found that she could better use her website as an E-Commerce site, where customers can buy right from her website. “Woocommerce” is a plugin for WordPress. This avenue would be great for her website to jump-start her online selling. This plug is has many advantages. It is free, user friendly, professional and provides data from her sells. E-Commerce is a new avenue for online sells that is apart of Web 2.0. This creates business and growth in a world that she has not yet ventured.

Storenvy: “Storenvy” is a type of storefront website. This is very similar to other 2.0 websites such as; Esty, Shopify, Big Cartel, ect. These are great for artist to showcase their work on a platform where users are already registered and interested in artwork. Storenvy is a great avenue for Chloe’s Crazy Cool Cards because it gives direct assess to her products. It allows customers to buy right then and she can link her storenvy store to her website and other social media accounts. Which in turn will drive even more traffic.

Instagram: Instagram is one of the biggest social networking forums there is. If I had to only advise to be on one social networking site for Chloe, it would be Instagram. The marketing on Instagram is bounds beyond anything else like it. Instagram has over 200 millions users. Many of these users are shopping. This Web 2.0 platform links products and users together in a manner of seconds. Photos are worth a thousand words and if you have the right photos, products sell themselves. Chloe could upload photos of her artwork and cards and tag and hashtag a myriad of things pertaining to her products. This is then linked to other users and tags where potential buyers can directly see her account and find her website to buy that funny birthday card that she uploaded.

Facebook: Facebook seems to be the mother of all social media. It is almost a requirement to have a facebook page if you are online at all. Facebook holds a lot of ground with online users. I would urge Chloe to create a business/art page on facebook where she can share her products and again link her other social media accounts to as well as her personal website.

Pinterest: For most business owners, they want more consumers of their products. Chloe’s Crazy Cool Cards is no different. Creating a Pinterest for Chloe is crucial is driving more traffic. It also allows an expansion of reach to others. This web 2.0 site is huge in finding new ideas and new things. Many of the users on pinterest choose to use the site when they are looking for new projects or wanting new ideas. This is perfect for Chloe because she is constantly designing and selling new prints and cards for different occasions. If she was on Pinterest she could continue to share her work and create an even broader range of customers.

In conclusion, creating a presence on these web 2.0 accounts would drastically increase profits as well as develop a name in the online world for Chloe. E-commerce, Storenvy, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are huge in the social media world. Creating content and learning about their outreach to users will greatly benefit Chloe’s Crazy Cool Cards as a business and artist for years to come.

Kaley West


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