Facebook Terms & Services

From what I have read Facebook seems really concerned about your privacy, saying they will do there best on the behalf of Facebook to ensure your privacy. The terms state that everything you post is yours and you have rights to all of its content and are in control on who you share it to. After stating that it goes into what permission Facebook has with your content stating that they have right to your IP and that all content is theirs unless you delete the content our you account. Except that “deleting” is like a recycle bin on your computer, its not totally deleted. Facebook also says in the terms that they will do the best they can to keep Facebook safe but they cannot guarantee it. It states certain things that “you will not do” to help keep the social media site safe, such as post spam, upload viruses and so forth.  It also states to not use fake names, or multiple accounts or give out your password. Other than that Facebook just keeps stating that it is all in the consumers hands to keep Facebook and “you” the consumers property safe.



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