Fashion Bug

I have a friend who owns her own clothing store called Fashion Bug. She has been running this business since 2001 with her parents. They have a website for their store, which includes the items they sale, their hours, online shopping, and a few pictures about the store and items. Now that web 2.0 is popular and will continue to grow, my friend asked me for help to improve their site and how they can increase their presence on social media. According to McKinsey & Company, 69% of respondents from a brief survey have stated that their companies have gained measurable business benefits , just from having a presence on social sites. As a good friend, I will be helping out to promote their business and help it gain success using 5 different social media platforms, and will include how having a presence on them can be useful.

Blog/Website: In order to start a blog, the beginning needs to have a foundation. Since the Fashion Bug already has a website set up, we will go from there. This is a great way to start because we can build on what has already been given. Since there are only a couple pictures posted on the site, I will start with adding more visual content. When there are pictures to look at on a site, it engages the reader’s attention immediately. This will be a great way to gain business, by showing off what the store has to offer. Although this is a great way to start building traffic for the store, the owners need to make a budget to hire someone who can specifically be in charge of updating the blog. Having a blog takes a lot of time and effort, which means there needs to be a blogging schedule. Hiring someone to take this task on will help so the owners can focus on other areas of the store.

Pinterest: Since visual media is a great way to gain the attention of many, Pinterest is a great way for Fashion Bug to promote the business, in a visual context. The nice thing about Pinterest is that when you click on a picture twice, it takes you straight to the link it came from. This is great because if a user really loves what they see, they can easily click on the photo and be taken to the website, and have the accessibility to order the item if interested.

Facebook: Facebook has a page that goes over how it can help your business grow. They state that having your business on Facebook can help drive online sales, increase local sales, and raise brand awareness. With these things, Fashion Bug can become bigger and more popular with consumers who are into the fashion industry.Facebook also helps with connecting the business with other business’s alike. The network of people we work with can greatly benefit this business.

E-commerce: We want to give consumers the opportunity to purchase on the website with ease. This company is well established, so we already know what our main goal is. The thing about e-commerce is that you need to research what other businesses are doing, and how they are doing it. By doing this, you can pick and choose what you like and prepare your website with what you thought would be beneficial to the business. One thing to keep in mind is that the business needs to be on top of the orders that come in and out, maintain inventory, and assist to the needs of customers who have problems.

Email marketing: This can be a great way to stay connected with consumers, and to keep them updated with news and new products. One thing about email marketing is that people tend to shy away when asked to give their email address. We need to ensure our customers that their email is 100% safe and that we do not send out any kind of junk mail.

Our short term goal with transitioning into web 2.0 is to promote the store as much as possible. We will do this by sending newsletters, doing contests, uploading a decent amount of visual media, and connecting with our consumers via social media. The long term goal of this transition is to improve our business numbers and increase productivity. Since we are now trying to have a presence on multiple platforms, we need to look at hiring specialists who can focus on keeping the sites updated with important information.



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