From DeMarcus Ware to Kurt Warner, TRUE all-around players!

I don’t really follow many famous people and when I was trying to think of who to do this blog for it took me a while to think. Then I realized that DeMarcus Ware was a perfect person to write about. One reason he didn’t come to mind at first hand is because how down to earth he is, and all of his posts feel more personal than generic as if he his my actual friend. Being a die hard Dallas Cowboy fan, DeMarcus Ware has always been a great idol for me growing up, he plays as a linebacker that just wants to kill the quarterback but off the field is very community involved. I’ve been following him on Facebook for a long time now and he is always sharing great quotes are showing great community events. After writing this Kurt Warner came to my mind someone else that I couldn’t leave out of this blog. Although Kurt Warner never played in Dallas, he definitely has made me a fan of him. Retired from the NFL after almost a Cinderella story against the Pittsburgh Steelers only to lose in the end but that is okay because he is Kurt Warner. He was most known as just being a grocery bagger getting his shot as a backup to play the season of his life with the Rams, taking them to the Super Bowl in a game they won and is most famously known as the “Greatest Show On Turf”. Even though DeMarcus Ware did play for my team “Americas Game” he left and parted ways to Denver to play for the Broncos. Of course with a class act with giving the people an explanation and a cherishing a love for his fans say thank you to everyone that has supported him throughout the years. Both athletes run their own accounts, and aren’t generic accounts that just put up important dates or even worse, SPAM! One cool thing that I have seen both these guys do is they will sometimes take time out post status asking their fans to ask questions or they will even put questions out for fans to brief their opinions. It is great because it feels like they make what they say or what they are doing relate to who I am, in some way it brings that connection closer. For instance everyone when everyone was watching the Mayweather VS Pacquiao fight Kurt Warner posted “think PacMan needs a knockout here!”, and in my mind I was like hey I am watching that fight and am going for PacMan too! Even though Kurt Warner is known for playing football its cool too see what he is doing outside of football. Both individuals are known for their community service and have built awareness to help charities and those in need. I do not know if these guys have a strategy to build an audience or are just simply doing it for the people but whatever they are doing is working. Kurt Warner currently has 224,483 LIKES on Facebook and DeMarcus Ware with 603,048 LIKES on Facebook, as they continue to constantly update their pages every day. Here are their links below to both Facebook pages:



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