Pointless Podcast

This is a podcast I have found pretty entertaining! This is a podcast hosted by Kevin Pereira, you may know him from G4TV a television station which was at one time was a dedicated 24/7 gaming and tech channel. He was famously known for the television show Attack of the Show (AOTS) that was about pop culture and everything geek news. After leaving G4 early before its death completely Kevin went on to purse other obligations but on the side did podcasts such as Pointless, where he found himself growing a small cult of followers. Now that you now have a back story to the host, lets get into the podcast. He invites special guests from the the gaming/tech world, to bringing in all the old hosts and workers form G4. Its funny to watch because of how entertaining Keven Pereira naturally is but seeing him off the television screens in a more underground sense makes it even better.



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