Krewella’s Web 2.0 Analysis

Upon research done with how my favorite music group, Krewella, interacts, and uses Web 2.0, there is still much for them to accomplish with their use. They have a twitter, facebook, soundcloud, and instagram page, and a main website. It’s unclear as to whether they have a single person responsible for their presence in Web 2.0 but it is certain that they all members of the group partake in keeping their presence and progress updated in Web 2.0. A downfall for the lack of use would be with their main website, there is little information on the groups biography, though that information can be found on their facebook. Their main site could use a few updates, but other than that the group is still doing well for themselves with Web 2.0. They will sometimes have personal online chats with their fans, post to instagram, twitter, snapchat, and facebook. They also have a youtube page for all of the video work which includes live sets, music videos, and the music itself.


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