Making a scene on the T.V. from the “End of the Bench”

When you think of creating a business in today’s world, you can think of many types of businesses that are coming out each and every day. With the way technology has formed some people may think that it is easier to find certain companies online.

We have decided to tell you how Web 2.0 has helped and affected our business/T.V. show that we run here at Salt Lake Community College, called End of the Bench. End of the Bench is a sports talk show here at SLCC and we start by telling you some of the Web 2.0 social media outlets we use to help create the show and some of the strategies off the web to build a relationship to get people involved when directing them to our social sites and television program.

When taking on this job as producers of the show it was basically a revamp from the ground up. So it was awesome to be able to have the freedom to create something new but it also came with challenges with building a foundation. As producers of End of the Bench,( Jesse Valdez & David Vito) not only hosts of the show but doing everything from on field shoots, interviews, script rundowns, studio setup and post production. We have taken an “SLCC Mass Communication Center” original and basically scrapped everything but the name “End of the Bench”  and of course Brutus the Bear, in which is in the background of every show. The last show before the revamp was almost four years ago, to where the show basically was buried six feet under with no hope of returning to the television screens. End of the Bench now commonly know as EOTB would get its revived revamp on November 6th, 2014. We will be taking you further than just in the studio but with how we use social media, marketing aspects, and the visual look that goes out to the viewer.

Visual & Marketing Look: 

One of the most important keys to building an audience is giving a great first impression. We took it beyond the points to market this show, all the way down to how we look on camera. Yes we even have official EOTB collard shirts  with our names, the shows name and the bruin logo with a spicy eye popping look. So far we have revolutionized small details to create the big picture for the show. We have created other different marketing techniques just as creating flyers and  posters to set up around the SLCC campuses and in our local community, we wanted to make sure that potential viewers would understand this show isn’t just targeted to those associated with SLCC but with the community as well. Moving forward you would find our posters would have vital information such as the description of the show and to links and QR codes. Once we felt we could snatch an audience we used social media as a key to share commercial bumpers, teasers for the show, and even short rundowns of the show to get people interested to watch the full 15-20 minute show.

Marketing the Show on the Show:  

We have come up with a few ideas to market the show within the show, such as finding ways to get the viewers involved and interacting. One thing we do for each show is whatever the segment we may go into we use an on-screen hashtag “#” and we use every unique hashtag on and off the show. Whether it is explaining the particular episode or the viewers or ourselves asking the questions on social media. This has built a relationship to interact with those watching and to give us feedback and content to provide for the next upcoming episode.


There are many social media outlets we can use for our show, but for right now we use Twitter as our main source. We use Twitter to throw out updates of our current shows and upcoming shows for the future, where we tweet out information to “tease” our followers about what our next episode is about. We also use Twitter to update fans of SLCC Athletic teams such as men’s and women’s basketball, softball, baseball and volleyball. Our twitter account @MCCEOTB is also connected to our Facebook sports pages such as “Sports Rally -SLCC” the only source for tackle football here at SLCC as well as a place to give students the intramural feel of sports here on campus and “Sports at Home” which gives you coverage of all sports locally and nationally. We also post on our personal pages to get the word out about the show. We currently have over 500 followers and counting on Twitter!

End of the Bench

We use the website Vimeo as our source for people to follow each and every show and even shows from the past where we didn’t produce or host the show (yes the good old days) now Vimeo is a good source for us to use because they don’t play ads (yes no ads!) You have to love no ads while you are watching your favorite sports talk show and favorite show period here at SLCC with no ads. It is also the main site that the SLCC Mass Communication Center uses to debut its content, such as “What’s Bruin”, “Express”, “Insight” and more. We have so far made an impact when it comes to who is watching our videos and hopefully our show can help find potential viewers for the other shows! You can find our show and many other SLCC Mass Communication Center content on

From T.V.s on Campus to Cable Television:  

Anyone that goes to Salt Lake Community College can simply look to the campus T.V’s and see our show. Whether its students walking to class or grabbing lunch, they are able to see what the show is about. One of the biggest goals for the show was to get on cable through SLCCTV cable channel 17, so now not only are students seeing the program but anyone in most of Utah can experience the show. This has been a big leap for End of the Bench as it continues to expand and build content for its viewers.

One of the main goals for the show is to expand the horizons to where not just sports fan want to watch the show but even to viewers that may find an interest just because of the content and personalities added to the show. We have added spiffs with some segments throughout the show where we play games in the studio and even created a few shows in the show like “Newsroom” or “#NewsRumors” where we take a look inside the room where all the creative ideas spin out for End of the Bench. We believe the show is on the right track but plenty more opportunities can still come out of it.

Checkout the Latest Episodes: 

Here are some important links we mentioned:

DW , J.V.


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