Private Sharing

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My name is Holly and I’m a chronic sharer… I only share typically on Facebook. I don’t share a lot publicly, but my real habit extends into private messaging. I’m sure some of my close friends despise me. I’ve been told that I sometimes share too much. I share things I see on my feed at an individual basis. When I come across a post on Facebook, occasionally Tumblr, I’ll share via private message. It’s very easy to share this way, often times I use my phone to browse Facebook. With the push of a button I can select to share privately. It’s nice that I can share things I may find funny but thing I don’t want my mother seeing. If they took away the ability to share I wouldn’t be happy…to be honest I’d probably just stop sharing things so often. I’m already selective as to what I share publicly and that wouldn’t change much. I’ll simply have to surpass the urge to share some of the more inappropriate posts I see on Facebook. Though I would be inconvenienced it really wouldn’t stop me from using Facebook. ^HJ


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