Web 2.0H!!

Web 2.0H!

By Rachelle Fernandez

When I think web 2.0, I think of (tosh.0…no just kidding) American Online for some reason. That’s probably due to my teenage years when my dear mother, first learned how to install AOL dial-up, and every time I heard that horrible cracking sound, in which I still have no idea where it came from (this was before my family discovered speakers), seeing the box “do you want to upgrade to AOL 9.0?”, etc. Unfortunately 2.0 is not just AOL email or those creepy chat rooms where you can literally pick the age group you want, it’s an entire plethora of networks.

Car fanatics and gun fanatics have forums, bodybuilder’s and fighters have Youtube and oddly enough Instagram is big with #fitfam to critic, bakers have Pinterest, and bankers have the NYSE on a mobile app. Or just a 20 something-year-old fraptivist (commercialized Starbucks consumer activist) that just watched Zeitgeist on Netflix and now they’re experts at the world banking system, they all have their megaphones and giant  soap boxes now to rant, rave, share, petition, or just post cat video’s to the entire world! Google is no longer the “Where’s Waldo” type of website, they predictive text tells me so.

Thus comes the question, if I had to choose a web 2.0 application and give it up, it would be the Facebook (which I probably should give up anyway). Facebook to me is like a bad habit, fun to indulge in, but after a while when you are the only one liking your posts, because no one else will….you feel like Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused, a lonely super senior that never grew up. Habit rhymes with rabbit, thats what the Dwayne Johnson said in the most influential inspirational movie of all time “Pain and Gain”, before you know it your life disappears down a deep rabbit hole. Much like the hours I spend on the face, every week.
I admit this, I do over use Facebook, I still use Facebook long after the fact that it was outed that rockstar billionaire Mark Zuckerberg was/is feeding the FBI my horrible selfies and angry messages/posts. Giving up on anything is hard, simply because its a habit. I however have been places where cellphones and communication devices are bared. I have been without a computer and phone for months, almost up to one year. I have done it before, and I found that I could be comfortable in my own thoughts, instead of having the flashing screen talking to me, it forced me to talk to others. With moderation comes stability, as long as we moderate our use, ‘the Face’ and ‘the gram’ can still be exciting to use, and same with our fellow man.


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