What characteristic would of Web 2.0 would I find hard to give up?

The part of Web 2.0 I would find hardest to give up would be the user-generated information on sites.  I love the ability to find things online that are created by everyday people.  I currently read blogs or just articles on things that interest me, and the best person to tell me about the things I like is someone who actually lives the lifestyle I do and feel the same love for the idea I do.  Also if I do find an article online I like or don’t like I have the ability to see what others think about the article in the comments on the article.  Sometimes I have learned more on a subject reading the comments on an article than I learned by reading the article itself.  Web 2.0 has made it easier to communicate with people around the country and world to share information with people who have the same hobbies and interests which now I have experienced it I could not give up willingly.


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