Blogs & Google Docs

I’m pretty sure that if it wasn’t for the development of blogging, my major would be completely different. I’m pretty much obsessed; blogs about cars, motorcycles, food, travel, statistical, and inventions all intrigue me. It would be hard to let go of all the writing, ranting, research, and time over the years to just give up. Blogs are kind of like a storage of themed information, but with a touch of ADHD. I tend to be everywhere at the same time and blogging helps me organize it. The ones I use are Blogspot, WordPress, and Weebly. They all simultaneously connect to each other, and I try to get at least 1 post a day.  If I had to quit and jump out of the blogosphere, I’d probably have to actually find a friend I guess.

If it came down to it though, Google in its entirety would probably be harder to let go. I use google everyday, but the thing I find most useful as a student at the moment is Google Drive. In Google Drive, everything is simple, easy, and free! It’s too complicated to explain over one post, but the best feature to me is when you’re writing an essay or taking notes for class. They have a feature which lets you “research” words (aka google it) and list it on the right side in a toolbar. From the toolbar list you can insert text, cite multiple websites professionally, preview a site before clicking it, and also add images or video to whatever document you are on whilst instantly saving it online. It couldn’t be any easier as a student right now.




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