“But I Don’t Wanna!” Giving Up Web 2.0 Applications

If I had to choose which Web 2.0 application would be hardest to give up I would have two answers for you, Canvas and Facebook.

Canvas would be something today that would be hardest to kick because I rely on it so much to give me knowledge, incite, and feedback on my academic journey and it is always available for me to access making it work perfectly with my busy schedule. I think about people that finished school before this tool was available and say to myself, “Self, You got it easy, all of your paperwork and assignments are in one easy place and you don’t even have to keep track of the stuff.” Having this luxury allows me to utilize more energy for my class projects and helps reduce stress that would come about with the possibility of missing something because I didn’t have or misplaced the information on the given task.

Facebook on the other hand I am socially addicted to. I sometimes even find myself scrolling though my 500+ friend generated news feed for way too long. I also use the site and app as a tool for communication with friends, stalking of older friends, local event scheduling and creating, discovering trending news stories, and most importantly Farmville (jk that was so 5 years ago). Really though I am plugged in to this site and use it a lot for my social interactions that I would not be able take part in otherwise making it very difficult for me to give up.



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