Humanity 2.0

They say everything we do is a reflection of ourselves. With the inception and utilization of Web 2.0 platforms we can now not only express who we are through countless creative digitized outlets but we can more easily find others like us, people who fight the same battles we do, are swept up by the same passions, or who report on that which we hold valuable. Interactions have always been a way for humans to expand their ability to see the world but they also allow us to interpret our enviornment and custruct our own identities.  The greatest characteristic of the web is that it has evolved into an extension of our eyes, our ears, and our voices.

We can find support and and experiences from others who share parts of our identities in places like youtube, forums, and blogs. We are no longer limited to our households, our towns, or communities that pressure to assimilate. Those who were once alone and embarrassed or ashamed of who they are can now find acceptance and courage to be themselves. Internet content can provide wisdom and insight for those who struggle with who they are or who fight invisible battles.

All of those kinds of interaction – from stories, advice, and friendship – are only a few clicks away. The addiction to instant gratification satiates not only our need to exhale our own words and inhale those expressed by others, but it makes our idealized perception of ourselves more accessible. Want to become an expert on a topic?  Learn an instrument? Stay informed? Plan trips? Cook new recipes? Remember birthdays? Stay organized? Make weekend plans? Boom. Bam. Done.

It’s easier now to be the person you want than it’s ever been before and communal wisdom is as easily tapped into as it is to connect to wifi. These two vital aspects of Web 2.0 are what make it all worth it for me as the web is the newest form of the ever transcendent voice of the human race.



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