Why I can’t give up live streaming video


“What is the one Web 2.0 characteristic, platform, or feature you would find hard to give up if you had”. –
In a time when we as humans are farther apart then ever before, we all must rely on technology to connect us through live streaming such as FaceTime, Skype, and other such services. I personally have family that lives across the country and friends that travel the globe. They might not always have the ability to send a postcard, but most of they time they have access to WiFi or can even use cell phone data and satellites to remotely stream. My brother that lives in St. Louis calls me every single morning and we talk about the day face to face. It’s incredible what watching someones facial expressions can do to the communication you are having with them. So many emotions are evoked through facial expressions, and without the availability of live streaming, my brother and I might have a different relationship since we don’t necessarily see each other to often. Another reason I couldn’t live without live video streaming is the fact that that I use it daily for work. I am a digital project manager for a marketing firm and I work remotely so I am meeting with clients through the day remotely. They might be in Germany or Texas, but I am sitting at home in my pajamas and a button up shirt delivering my work to them. It’s pretty amazing. And to think, my job didn’t exist 15 years ago.



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