Why you can’t give up Google Maps.

This day in age we are accustomed to certain things when it comes to our web 2.0 applications. It may be certain setups, such as the option of a colored keyboard or knowing when someone has read your message and decided to ignore it (gasp!) but we are now used to having certain features such as an easy lock screen buttons and fingerprint scanners. Not only to unlock the device but to even unlock the use of apps within your phone itself. Its incredible! I myself am a pretty avid applications user, I LOVE them. Pinterest, FB, Insta, all of it. But the one that I and most likely you also could not part with would be Google Maps.

I thank the app creators of the world every day for inventing Google maps. I use this app almost every time I get in my car, not only because I am horrible at directions but because I HATE sitting in traffic when people don’t know what left it should be or fail to mention that we passed it three blocks ago! (Grrrr) Not only can we instantly have the correct and most direct route, we now can have our phones tell us when exactly to turn! Once upon a time used to have to print off these directions them or write them down by hand then hope to not leave them on the kitchen counter on the way out. These days it tells us when there is an accident ahead or heavy traffic and will also reroute you around those obstacles. We are lucky enough to live in Salt Lake City that is built on a grid system, however have you ever tried to figure out L.A, or Denver without maps at all? Take Denver for example, who’s idea was it mark some streets based on the distance it was from the Colorado/Utah boarder, and then somehow ended up with 3 miles of one way roads where you will never be able to make a left turn! That doesn’t even make any sense at all but it is absolutely a scenario that can happen right in downtown Denver.

These places would be even more crazy concrete jungles if we had no navigation.

So once again, Thank you Google maps creators!

Image of smiling, modern, white-collar businessman. (ISO 100) . All my images have been processed in 16 Bits and transfer down to 8 before uploading.



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