The social media cycle

There are not too many things on this planet I couldn’t live without. Even the thought of dying over the loss of one thing makes me feel ill. But in this continuously adapting culture we live and abide by, one must find themselves clinging onto this fast paced train in order to feel accepted. Always be posting sharing expressing; this is the train we’ve integrated seamlessly into our culture. With only one rule, get on or get left behind, this train is a system leading us into the unknown. Social media is organic, always shifting directions and revealing new appendages, no one person can control it or redefine it. But it’s a system nonetheless, and systems are meant to be beaten. A person who carefully unwraps how social media works will discover how society works. This is a power stronger than money itself.
Without even realizing it, people are manipulated by social media. Slowly becoming more involved and more dependent on what social media has to offer. It’s now a challenge to go just one day without checking those alluring little notifications we receive at every tick mark on the clock. Where everyone has the chance to be famous, where you present only the persona that you’ve created for yourself; that is the driving force behind this train. A false sense of being apart of something bigger, and the belief that you actually matter. Why are people so inspired by this virtual network, an environment that isn’t tangible.
A world that could be lost at the flick of a switch, a simple Electro magnetic pulse would suffice, and all of its users to would be rendered helpless. People would wonder out into the real world only to find that any amount of communication skills left would be non applicable; causing a tidal wave of prolonged eye contact and awkward body gestures without any words spoken resulting in everyone spinning is circles and and eventually returning to their homes to find that the power came back on. Now the cycle repeats itself. But one of a few of those people realized that something was lost that day. A spark, an idea from dusty files long lost in the minds archives, urges a search for this lost art of communication. “How to talk to people” is entered into the search bar of The Twitterfacegram, and trending article is found. It is read thoroughly and the the spark quickly ignites a flame, but what is there to do with this invaluable information. “Click” Shared. The article is on the move but its destination is uncertain. Maybe it will be read by others, maybe it’ll just be reposted only to be liked by interaction addicted bot accounts. But if the article ends there, at least one person learned how to get off the train.

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