Generation Like

This documentary was very interesting and I think it presented the dangers of social media very clearly in a way that people can’t argue with. I see posts all the time on Facebook of a child or someone who is clearly suffering in some way and the post reads “one like is one prayer” or perhaps it’ll say something like “if you scroll down you don’t care”. I’m sure that some of these posts are sincere but I also feel like a large percentage of them are posted by people who are starved for likes, or in other words are starved for attention. When these posters don’t receive the like they hunger for I think it can be damaging to their self esteem, and that’s sad because lets face it, what really should matter is the people you interact with face to face.

I think another way that social media can be damaging to ones self esteem is if it begins to replace face to face social interaction. I have a very good friends who uses a messaging app in which he talks with a large group of individuals. This friend has a number of social problems, he’s extremely shy, he has a hard time making friends, and he has a hard determining the level of the friendships he has. I believe a problem he faces when it comes to interacting with his friends through messages is that he can’t tell how someone truly does feel based off a message, so when I message him often asks me if i’m mad at him and I tell him no. He thinks i get mad because I may simply forget to reply.

In conclusion I think individuals need to have not only interaction through social media but also in the physical world. I think if one only relies on friendships developed and maintained exclusively through social media it can cause great emotional damage and damage to ones self esteem.


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