“Generation Like” Video Analysis

“Generation Like” Video by PBS about social media and its effects also about the story behind what “likes”, “tweets” and “subscriptions” are about. So from this video http://video.pbs.org/video/2365181302/ it goes deep into what a single like on Facebook could do so for example, let’s say you liked a picture of a meme next thing you notice is that soon your recent post start showing more meme’s from that same page not only that but it also shows other pages not right away but later on that are somehow related to that one page. Tweets work differently when you tweet its more for trying to get noticed or some use it to express what the like, more to the point when you follow a show for example, The Walking Dead let’s say you follow their page you tweet at them a lot and show support by trying to basically advertise for free, because when you do that more people notice and free publicity about their show is what they hope for while that single individual keeps tweeting soon the show could show their appreciation by telling one of their actor or actresses to tweet you back which gives that individual a sense of pride. So in a writing the actor they had done there show said something that sums up this video and it purpose “Without being overly judgmental, I think the purpose of the film is to kind of slow down and show the architecture of this so that people can make more conscious and willful decisions about how and what they do,” Rushkoff from this article it was made to give you a better understanding http://www.nola.com/tv/index.ssf/2014/02/frontline_generation_like_expl.html “so give it a read and like this blog by commenting on this article”Facebook like symbolsPicture from http://thestartzone.com/generation-like/ ^DF


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