The Generation Like

This documentary really opens peoples eyes up to the world of what social media does to everyone. Though I’ve known about most of this, it is still eye-opening. People will do anything to get a like, it’s in our nature though. Everyone wants to be liked, and to be liked makes you feel great. Someone who goes to great lengths to get a few likes can be bad. Being dependent on trying to get everyone to like you is dangerous. You can be wildly successful if people like your stuff, but if you can’t break through into that realm, your self-esteem can suffer.

I have tried doing YouTube: I’ve uploaded videos on games I’ve played, done commentary, somewhat of a Vlog. I’ve also done a fair share of Podcasting. My biggest success was on my Podcasting. I used to do a Utah Jazz podcast, recapping the games and talking about the team, trades, etc. and one podcast was recapping the Jazz vs the Spurs in the Playoffs, and it was massively successful. It had 3,000+ views on it, I felt great. Though I figured it had some keyword on it that was attracting people because the rest of them were back to normal counts.

The important thing about this, is if you’re going to put yourself out there on social media, don’t worry if you fail. Don’t hold it against yourself, that will destroy you and your future. Build yourself up, learn from the mistakes, and don’t make it about getting some likes, just have fun with it. If you’re not having fun, then find something else.

I think the biggest reason why people subscribe or follow certain people is because of personality. You may have one person who creates great content and one person who has okay content but their personality is fantastic. The personality will win out. I’ve seen people who try, but just can’t draw in people due to their personality. You have to be outgoing, have to be able to talk about nothing and everything, make people laugh and have fun while watching your videos or reading your content. Having great content will just make you better, but personality and style is everything in social media.

The amount of advertisers that are in the business, always looking for the next viral person, is insane. Virtually any company could be a sponsor, and you will see it everywhere. People will adjust their content to make the sponsor front and center, but that’s how it works. You get used to it, use AdBlock, and just phase everything out. Advertisers will just change their tactics and things will move forward. It will only get bigger, but we just don’t know how, yet.



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