From Generation Y To Generation Like

From Gen Y to Gen Like; How America’s youth lost their voice.


Do you have an Instagram? Of course you do! I do, everyone does, it makes us feel like we can actually take decent pictures. Well I bet you didn’t know that when you agree to the terms and conditions you agree to let Instagram use YOUR photos for advertisement that turns into revenue….and the best part is… don’t see a dime off your own picture. Yes many major social media outlets have the “Fine Print” that lets face it a 16-year-old is not going to read on the bus to school, much less a 12 or 13 year old. American teenage youth is buying their own culture, and being exploited in the process. Babyscum bag   (BSB) is the perfect example.

Baby is sponsored by Dirt Ghetto Kids, Primitive and many other skate companies, a huge accomplishment for a amateur skater, but for Steven its not enough. Fernandez lives with a burden of supporting his family he lives in a tiny house where he sleeps to 5 people a room in Compton CA. Luckily for Steven, this is Generation Like, and not only does talent pay, so does being ridiculous. The large  populations of Steven’s followers aren’t on boards, they’re on Youtube, and many of his “fans” have never even a skate video. What Steven Fernandez does on a skateboard at age 13, many lifers cant do well into our 30’s. And yes I say ‘out’ because I am the lifer skater that never gave up even though I completely suck.

Steven doesn’t rely on his talent to get paid, he relies on his baby face, and his outlandish skits done on unsuspecting LA folk. Thats what gets him money, “people need to be worried about money”, why is a 13-year-old saying this? American dream? Or an exploited child that will do anything his sponsors tell him to for money to help his family survive. Somewhere down the line my thoughts changed about Babyscum Bag when I saw grown womens asses clapping right next to his head. For a prepubscent boy to experience the rock star life, it made me almost sad for him.
I know what youre thinking, “why are you sad for him? He’s rich off of being a dumbass”. No his fame takes a toll, look at all the child actors and where they are now like Lark Voorhies or Macaulay Culkin, they end up being sad drug addicting and bankrupt by the time they reach 25. Fame isn’t worth it, I understand Steven wants to make it “out the hood”, but he would feel more rewarded if he was known as the first kid to land the ‘Leap Of Faith’ versus the kid on youtube that does gross shit and has sex with models (not true its a reality he portraits).

I want Steven Fernandez to succeed I just dont want him to sell his soul in the process, I mean this is a kid that frequents the same skate park despite his “fame” gives away clothes, pizza, signs autographs and gives away shoes.



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