Generation Like

What freaks me out the most about my generation, “Generation Like”, is the massive trail of online data that companies have access to. The biggest shocker was when they were talking about “likes” on Facebook, they said that by what you like, companies are able to see who you interact with the most, what types of things you’re into, etc. In the past, marketers spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to reach a potential group of consumers, nowadays it costs way less to narrow your search and create ads that are directly targeting user likes.

What I thought was awesome was that brands are now actually paying popular media personalities to show off their product. It’s so simple but it’s so ingenious, if someone likes the person then chances are they’ll like whatever they’re trying to sell to them. In reality, social media made it possible for normal people to make money quick, and they do that by getting likes and creating advertisement revenue.

Fame is a huge theme of the film; that people will do whatever it takes to become famous. For some reason i thought of the old TV show (which later turned into movies) Jackass. I remember watching as a kid saying, “why the hell would anybody do these things?” The countless number of nutshots, concussions, and puking was for a purpose. People like watching other people do insanely stupid things, and the Jackass crew figured out they could make a ton of money by doing it. Now all the guys are famous, relatively wealthy, and get tons of free stuff because they have established themselves into culture. (By the way, Jackass has over 23,000,000 likes on Facebook)

This is a video of Steve-O shooting his nipple off with a BB Gun. This video was uploaded at the beginning of the year and has gained over 2 million views on Youtube.

I encourage you to rewatch the film Generation Like and keep in mind other “celebrities” who got “famous” off of social media.



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