“Generation Like!”

like photo

Generation Like was really an eye opener to me. I love social media but I didn’t realize how much people rely on those likes for popularity and sadly how obsessed people are with them. I find it shocking how much people get paid to do Youtube videos like Pewdiepies salary was 7.4 million dollars and that is just for making video game videos! It makes me want to make YouTube videos to make some extra cash. I find it quite interesting how in this day and age companies and people can for a lack of a better term manipulate these sites to either get likes or monetary gain. It’s like a whole formula they have written out and they don’t want the people who are giving them that data to know.  I do relate to what some of those people are saying though because when I do receive likes or someone tweets back to me it makes me feel special and I want to post more things to get more likes. I am not as crazy as that Hunger Games girl though because I know that I don’t have to move stuff around the internet to validate my passion for something just because i’m not the top 100 fans doesn’t mean I don’t love it. All in all this was an interesting documentary and  I was actually surprised how it effected me because it makes me want to shut down all of my accounts and go off the grid for a while.


Photo taken from (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/54/Bot%C3%B3n_Me_gusta.svg/300px-Bot%C3%B3n_Me_gusta.svg.png)


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