“Generation Like”

Generation Like was a huge eye opener!  I knew you could make money on Youtube, one of my favorite is Epic Meal Time, but I didn’t realize how much other social media was used to market.  I think it is ingenious marketing by companies 0810140816to get people to support and advertise their products for little to no money, just because people want to become “famous”.  Maybe I was born into the wrong generation, but I don’t see the reason to gain the attention of strangers online and get them to like my posts.  I would be perfectly happy in the mountains away from computers and society.

The most interesting thing to me was how quick marketing firms have seen how powerful social media is to selling things to consumers.  However if you think about it marketing 101 teaches you the best form of marketing is word of mouth and social media is the new way of people talking.  I also liked how the writers explained how one post to a page is seen by that person’s followers, but than the followers re-post it, like it, share it, or comment on it, which pushes that post to their page and their followers, and after doing that a few times it can be seen by hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people.

I also found out something about my own Facebook account from this documentary, apparently my profile picture is not up to snuff when it comes to getting likes and saying what its supposed to be saying to others.



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