Generation Like

To be blunt, I want to explore a career in marketing because I like the excitement of business development. Well… it’s exciting to me anyway. The sad part is seeing exploitation occur. There were several examples right there in Generation Like. Baby Scumbag is a huge example. I was just short of horrified to see someone that young gettingtumblr_n1kwkzk2yG1ral2dno1_500 exposed to graphic and sexual encounters. Maybe I’m old fashioned but that’s no place for any minor. On the flip side I’m going into strategic communications and It’s fascinating to see what tactics are being used by companies using social media. The World Wildlife Foundation currently has a campaign that ties directly to
social media. The name is #lastselfie. It’s a campaign to bring attention to endangered species. This campaign spans several social sites, from Snapchat, to Twitter targeting specifically millennials. The same millennials, which group I fall into, who can be exploited, who can be addicted to social media. It’s interesting to compare the content that Baby Scumbag produces and what the WWF produces. Baby Scumbag wants to help his family, a noble cause. Of course the WWF’s goal is to raise awareness and funds to protect endangered species. Baby Scumbag uses videos of half naked women, seemingly friendly pranks, and sometimes his skateboarding talents to raise money to push him and his family out of Compton. The WWF uses the selfie craze to capture millennials attention and show that animals who are now today, may not be for much longer to photograph. I would argue that Baby Scumbag is probably more successful if we’re talking about getting more “Likes”.

If you wish to take a look at the #lastselfie campaign click here or go to:

Found my visual from Tumblr:


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