People must like poker..

facebook fanpages top 100Today I watched Generation Like in class and I wasn’t too interested in the video until it started talking about things I’ve never known before. I’ve never tried to get tons of likes from friends on my Facebook and I’ve never tried to gain followers on Youtube. Everything I have posted is usually just for my own pleasure. I don’t usually like posts, I’ll just read them and move on. Now since the save link feature has been added I’ve been saving links. I’m also very excited to dislike everything on Facebook that I don’t like.

One thing that sticks out at me when I think of the video is the kid that got famous by hanging around tons of ass. That’s just crazy. If he was my kid I’d kick his ass then put him on a leash like those lazy parents do to keep their kids near that you see at Disney World. That’s pretty low, using sex to sell your image.

It’s pretty innovative that there are companies that take control of your social media platforms and gain fanbase for money. Its not making these celebrities money, but it is giving them the opportunity to put their image, product, and services out there for the world to see and decide on their own if they truly like these things. This new form of potential advertising is very modern and hard to grasp all the angles that make it up, but once you understand how the system works, anyone can put oneself out there and make a name.


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