To Like or not to Like.

The documentary “Generation Like” really put in a better perspective what I suspected all along about likes and marketing. Seeing that teenagers are the main focus of the marketing strategies and social media, gave me a little bit of a scare because of my kids. Having two preteens and trying to keep them away from things that are not appropriate for their age is one of our priorities as parents. This documentary opened my eyes and helped me understand that my fears are not biased but real.

My 11 year old daughter really wants to have a YouTube channel about making crafts. We haven’t let her because we are afraid she wants to do it because of the enticing nature of being “liked”. I know she is talented but I also know that whatever others say about her and her videos can impact her life very negatively. Acceptance is such a hard topic for girls that it is important to show her that this reality of a youtube like is not the same as real life friends and true friendships.

If anything, I think that this video was very good for me as a parent. I believe if I show them this documentary they will understand what we are trying to teach them.



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