Spotify. Good or evil?

This article digs into Spotify and discusses its pros as well as its cons. The article starts by talking about Daniel Ek (the Scandanavian CEO of the music streaming giant). In 1999 Napster showed up and music sales suffered and declined horribly. Once a way to get free music was introduced to the world everyone took advantage of it, everyone including Ek. Not only did Ek take advantage of free music but but he became the CEO of UTorrent which was a company that made money off of monetizing pirated content such as music and movies. Even though Napster and many of these companies were shut down the music industry still continued to suffer and still does, however nine years after Napster shut down Ek had a new idea which would become Spotify. The goal of Spotify is to stop music pirating or to at least make an impact. Some people might hear that and automatically write it off as bull crap due to the what certain artists have said about the way Spotify pays musicians, one example would be when Thom Yorke pulled all his solo work off the streaming service and called Spotify “the last desperate fart of a dying corpse.” Yorke also spoke out about how little Spotify pays him. When we look at Spotify and the number of paying subscribers we can see that it is slowly fulfilling its goal to help reduce music piracy by taking users who would normally steal music and making them pay for it. As Spotify continues to grow the pay out to artists will increase as well and things will continue to improve.


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