Xbox One Transformation

The Xbox One since it’s release date last year has been nothing short of a transformation from the Xbox 360 version. Many think that the Xbox One has been a lot more difficult to navigate then the 360 which in many cases is true, for example the menu button has gone through a huge change making it more “user friendly” on the One then the 360 or how you download games and apps that when you end your GB is almost full if it is a big game or app. What I am getting at is that when the initial system was released they didn’t have a lot of storage in them when they know for a fact many gamers generally have more than let’s say 10 games they want downloaded whereas in the 360 they had released with a huge storage case you could buy (for me when i got the One I asked about the storage and they said it was big enough to handle many games, but that was not the case for me). There is a huge difference in the store where you can buy games and DLC originally the 360 store was very slow and hard to get open, but now on the One it is faster which caters to most people because faster is better in everyones mind. Browsing on the Xbox One has also upgraded since the 360 same story as the store issue was the same with the internet which now has been upgraded and done in a much “smoother” way. The devices and hardware we use on the One have also been upgraded to a much more faster and user friendly way of running from the controller to the Kinect and now even being able to stream live has been made available ( I would suggest to you to read the article for more information on the transformation).



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