Control TV’s YouTube, Via Mobile Device


Through the development of Web 2.0 browsing web content has become easier than ever, in fact most devices nowadays give you the option to link with other devices.

YouTube has become one of the most popular cross platform applications. By a few simple steps, a user can directly stream whatever content is on their phone, straight to the TV. This simple application has reduced the time it takes to search for videos, making watching media a richer user experience.

Pairing a mobile device is simple, it works similar to what you’d expect from bluetooth. The user is generated a unique code that is created by YouTube that is to be entered on the mobile device. Upon entering the code, your phone will pair with the YouTube application on the television and you should be ready to stream. Device pairing can be easily switched on and off at will.

Devices have gotten a lot “smarter” since the early development of pairing, and televisions themselves have now begun to be integrated with device pairing technology, cutting out the middle-man of TV applications. Now users can directly take control of their television screen and use it essentially as a bigger mobile screen, making Angry Birds a hell of a lot easier.


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