Tumblr new privacy controls

Tumblr is an amazing social site but in privacy controls it was always pretty lax compared to other social media sites. Tumblr rolled out a new privacy system a few days ago which I find is an interesting take on privacy on sites and in general. So basically you can hide your blog from Google and you can only find it with key words of your choosing. You can also hide your URL. For example, If someone types in your URL and you don’t want them to see your blog you can change a privacy setting and then they will see the dreaded 404 error message. There is a catch though you can still see the blog on tumblr app and site. I find it interesting and yet counterproductive because you would want someone to read the blog you wrote right? You put so much work into it you would want as many readers as you can get. It seems like an interesting customization that you can have though compared to Facebook and twitter. The only eay I could understand the control if you were having trouble with someone and you wanted to block all contact. I would have to see if it works in the long run to see whether or not it makes a huge difference . As of right now I’m not sure if I personally will use this option but I do find it an interesting concept for web 2.0. To read the story please click source below.




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