Instagram; putting criminals behind bars since 2010

19-year-old Depree Johnson is facing 142 counts of being a felon in possession of a weapon/ammo after posting an insta selife -Sun Sentinel

They’re called selfies, and we all do it. Whether you are at the beach with your lover, or eating octopus for the first time, it seems to be a human and criminal urge to brag and boast about what you are doing and where you are….or more shockingly what you have done.

Its called selfie snitching,criminals posting incriminating photos, or posts. This incriminating phenomenon was said to have first happened in New Haven CT. in 2012.  The Week  put together 9 criminals that were brought down thanks to instagram and various other social media apps. My personal favorite was the bank robber girl, who minutes after she robbed the bank got on her webcam at home and flashed the money and confessed to the crime. Or one that hits more lose to home, 2 guys from UT were caught boasting on Facebook that they had set up booby traps on Provo’s favorited hiking trails.

Benjamin Rutkowski, 19, and Kai Christensen, 21, were responsible after the two men chatted about their traps on Facebook.

Police departments all over the world are setting up dummy social media accounts, and joining in on the snitch fest. This article from The Week reported because of Instagram and Facebook, its has caught rapists, thieves, and even suspects plotting murder. Thanks to social media nothing is private, and thanks to screen shots we can even catch the evidence of the crime before its deleted.

Source: The Week



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