The IMDb

The Internet Movie Database, or IMDb, is a website that has information on TV, Film and Video Games. There are over 3.4 Million titles and 6.7 Million people listed on the website, with over 60 million registered users.

In the late 1980s Colin Needham started collecting information on films. He was a film fanatic, peaking at over 1,000 films a year in the mid 1990s, he wanted to have information about films, from actors, directs, producers, editors, etc. He had a chance e-mail encounter in 1989 and he started publishing his list once a year. In 1990 he formed the IMDb, ran but 20 volunteers from his house. In 1995 it became a company and all the volunteers were given shares in the company. In 1998 the IMDb was purchased by Amazon. Though the number hasn’t been released, it was purchased with 3 other companies all for $55 million. He has been questioned about the sale price, but has stated it was a mixture of cash and shares, and that they “did well” after the sale.

He still is the Chief Executive of the company. He explains that he feels funny about going to premiere events, but gets to play the “cool dad” for his daughters. He can walk down the red carpet and Meg Ryan can be behind him, and he just feels funny about it. He got to take his daughters to the Premiere of Narnia and he was ecstatic.

All in all he is a self confessed geek that formed his company in his home in Bristol.



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