Running for office?

Twitter is here for you! This article on NPR provides an intriguing look on Twitter’s Government and Elections Partnership Team manual created to help elected officials maneuver the social media site.

The manual covers all the bases. What is Twitter? Why only 140 characters? What is the anatomy of a tweet? It provides advice on how to virtually connect with the voting public, most of which spends a profound amount of time online.

While Twitter only allows 140 characters, the Twitter Government and Elections Handbook is barely under 140 pages long.  This goes to show that while the entire platform depends on concision, there is so much media that combines to provide users with a rich experience, which if utilized well, can give an elected official – or hopeful – a great opportunity to polish their image and connect the public.

“Politics isn’t the only thing politicians talk about. Twitter gives politicians a platform to connect with the public, whether it be over sports of the latest buzzworthy news item. It is an opportunity for politicians to show they are more than just a suit — or pantsuit — and to talk about something other than policy and votes. In “stepping out from behind the podium” and showing natural personality, these leaders humanize themselves and the political process — and gain followers to boot.”

The manual is written for congresspersons, social media staffers, campaign managers, and interns alike.  And though most Twitter users know what twitter is, Bridget Coyne of Twitter says that they don’t want to make any assumptions on what users may know.  And so far, the handbook has been “wildly popular.”



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