Social Media and Terms of Service ^DF

Facebook terms and service what is the truth behind the curtain? In this essay we will go through the 18 points to look for 1. Privacy so with this the use this thing called data policy which it just saying that they can use your content and information about you. 2 Sharing your Content & Information says that the you specifically give them the following permission, subject to your privacy and you grant them a worldwide license to use any IP content. 3. Safety They give you a list of what not to do but unfortunately they say they cannot guarantee the safety. 4. Registration and Account Security now with this they ask people basically to be truthful but that is not how the world is they have two rules I know are avoided people underage 13 cannot use Facebook and sex offenders as will because no one reads the terms and service or find ways around it. 5. Protecting Other People’s Right basically giving you a list of what not to do including stuff like not using copyright or trademark stuff. 6. Mobile and Other Devices it goes over saying if you deactivate your phone number to update Facebook because if someone gets your new number can access your Facebook now there is more points to go over but basically it isn’t much but I will admit this is just another example of how we as humans have this thing when it comes to reading stuff like terms and services we just skim or even just go past what we need to know so for future ways to work around this but we will see. ^DF


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