Tumblr is an amazing site where you can do amazing things but what exactly are you agreeing to? Well, Tumblr being the place that it is, gives you the lawyer jargon version then they translate it into normal “Oh look i can actually understand what your saying speak!” so you don’t have to figure out what all the lawyer jargon means.

For the Terms of service pretty basic you have to be 13 yrs old or older because of federal and state laws, IF you are doing inappropriate things on Tumblr they can shut down your blog.HERE IS A BIG ONE YOU RETAIN OWNERSHIP OF ANY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY YOU POST ON TUMBLR! So basically they can’t say it’s theirs because it’s on their site. ALSO if you make some $$$ on your property like make a movie on that idea you get all the profits they don’t want a piece of that action. Don’t post something you don’t want on the internet because it is almost impossible to take down all the copies. Last but not least you use Tumblr services and any content you use on Tumblr is at your own risk. That is a lot but they are honest about it they don’t want you to agree to something that you cannot understand. Now a brief summary of the privacy policy.

Tumblr is owned by Yahoo they share with Yahoo. You must read their privacy policy as well if you want to learn what they do with your info,They tell you upfront about that though! So no surprises. Stuff you share on tumblr the public can see so be aware of that. If Tumblr gets bought up again they give the info they have to the corporate parent that  bought them. Tumblr says says and I quote ” Don’t make us narc on you. We don’t want to. But we do need to protect everyone who uses Tumblr from harming us, each other or themselves.”  Tumblr also tells you how to delete an account, that they do use cookies, and if you have any questions to contact them. I think Tumblr is one of the most straight forward privacy and terms of service policies I have seen in quite a while which is a very refreshing thing to see in the digital world.



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