MTN Meister Podcast – Exploring The Minds Of Those That Explore

I love the MTN Meister Podcast.

Ben Schenck has created an audio podcast that highlights some the worlds best athletes. From pro skateboarders, to pro skiers, all the way to rock climbers, this podcast really has it all. Ben picks the brains of athletes that put their life’s on the line in order to push the sport they love. Its an intriguing podcast that really shows you what the mentality is of these athletes. My personal favorite is actually from my boss (Julian Carr, Ep. 157). He has been a professional skier for the last 15 years and at one time held the Guinness world record for highest cliff jump on a pair of skis (210 feet). The man’s a maniac and to work with him, i’m constantly wondering what his train of thought is. When Ben Schenck interviewed him, I finally got to answer that question and gained a lot of knowledge from a person I spend so much time with.

I would highly recommend subscribing to this blog.
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