Are Boys Underrated?

Why We Should All Be Scared Of Lulu App

An article posted on Forbes, “Why We Should All Be Scared of Lulu App,” by Kelly Clay, targets Lulu and questions the morality of it. She begins the article by telling a personal story about when she first came to hear of the app from a coworker. Clay describes the app as a “crowd sourced little black book for women.” The app allows women to connect via Facebook and rate their male friends. They use witty hash tags such as #Big.Feet. and #NerdyButILikeIt to let other females know the characteristics of men so they can steer clear of the bad ones. Clay points out that some men have great ratings, but most are degrading.

Once Clay had downloaded the app, she was curious about the men she knew, wondering if she needed to warn anyone of an existing profile they might have. You’ll be surprised how many people you know have ratings. Apparently the app originated from two Florida Universities, UF and FSU, back in January of 2013, meaning that the men who had ratings were ones that had a previous history with younger women. These millennial women, whom Clay believes to be the loneliest generation, now have an entire app to use for venting their frustrations from dating.

Clay states, “Lulu is, in its essence, a double standard.” Supposedly it is okay, and even “empowering,” for women to rate men, but if the positions were reversed, it would never be approved in the app store. Now women think it is okay to ruin the reputations of men anonymously online. Clearly, it is time for someone to step in.



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