Pariscope: Explore the world through someone else’s eyes


We are all very well versed on Snapchat, its great you can share your stories with everyone or send personal videos and make yourself feel famous! However, what about all those hundreds of snapchat members you don’t even know or hear about. You are required to know the account information to follow a fellow snap chatter, but what if you don’t want to add them and see all their baby videos, or cat videos, or drunk videos. Well… there is another way, with Periscope. This app is also a video sharing network, but I don’t HAVE to add you or my mom to see her videos. With Periscope when a person is streaming you will see their icon change, and be able to tune in whenever you are able to. It’s your own personal live feed! Periscope will change the game if video messaging before we all know it Snapchat will be a thing of the past.



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