7 Best Thanksgiving Traditions

Holiday Traditions

With Thanksgiving just around the corner we came up with some of the most common (and fun in our opinion) traditions!

7. Football


Eagles @ Lions Thursday, November 26, 10:30 AM on FOX

Bears @ Packers Thursday, November 26, 6:30 PM on NBC

Panthers @ Cowboys Thursday, November 26, 2:30 PM on CBS

6. Friendly Competition


Nothing like expressing how thankful you are than destroying your friends and family in fun and games. Need party game ideas? Try http://partygames.guide/ for lots of fun games everyone is sure to enjoy!

  1. Going to the Movies


Stay warm this Holiday season and checkout some movies!

Premiering November 25th:

The Good Dinosaur

The Night Before

Victor Frankenstein


4. The Turkey Bowl


Watching football on TV not good enough? Why not beat the crap out of your friends in some football in the park?

  1. Decorating for Christmas


Time to toss up the tree and put up the lights it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  1. Desert

Stuff your face with tons of pies and cookies! It’s not Thanksgiving with out over doing it on the sugar.


Need some recipes for some pies? Checkout the Foodnetwork’s list of recommended recipes sure to make this holiday season a hit.


  1. The Turkey (and stuffing!)

One thing’s for sure! Turkey is the staple of Thanksgiving. Fun fact! an approximate 43 million turkeys are eaten each year. Lets be honest, the turkey and stuffing is by far the MVP of Thanksgiving.



For Thanksgiving feast inspiration check out http://www.seriouseats.com/ for recipes!



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