Black Friday: The College Care Package


Searching online for the best deals can get pretty distorted around November. There are deals all month long leading up to the all mighty Black Friday weekend. Might as well make it an official holiday; Purge of the Consumers. For the college student, the budget is typically under $100. So here are some of the top items to create the ultimate college care package this Black Friday.


Just what the doctor ordered.

A Few Free Items

  1. Get a $5 gift card when you download the App
  2. Sports Authority – First 80 people in line get a $15 gift card (no purchase necessary)
  3. Pep Boys – Spark Plugs (Black Friday only)


No power, no glory.


  1. Best Buy/Staples    128 GB USB Stick                     $20
  2. Best Buy        64 gb micro sd card                    $18
  3. Best Buy        Portable charger 2,000 mAh                $4
  4. Pep Boys        Select 5 qt. of Oil With Filter                $10
  5. Walmart        12,000 mAh Portable Charger            $15


The cost of freedom is high, but I will pay it!


  1. Best Buy        Amazon Fire 7-inch Tablet 8GB             $35
  2. Best Buy        Samsung Wireless Charger                $30
  3. Best Buy        Beats by Dre PowerBeats 2                $99
  4. Office Depot        5 TB Hard Drive                    $99
  5. Walmart        Fitbit Flex Wristband                    $60
  6. Walmart        Call of Duty Black Ops III                $30
  7.        ASUS Google Nexus Media Streaming Player     $40
  8.        12-Month Microsoft Xbox Live Gold (Xbox One/360)$31
  9. Target            Beats Solo 2 Headphones – Assorted Colors        $97
  10. Sam’s Club        Apple iPhone 6 16gb                    $99


By Manuel Stelmach

Quotes from Call of Duty: Black Ops


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