What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud service in which you can store documents, pictures, and media. One of the best services it provides is automatically uploading media (Pictures and Videos) once you’re on a Wi-fi, or if you choose to, Data network. The only downside to this is if you take 10 photos and decide you only want 1 of them, you can’t make it stop uploading. Once it’s on a network, it will upload.

They have 3 different plans to choose from.
The first is the Free plan. This plan gives you 2GB’s of storage space in which you can backup and share files and folders with other users. Though there are ways to increase the storage for free, but usually you have to purchase certain phones or devices. Such as Dropbox partnered with HTC a few years back in which you could increase by 20GB’s by completing a few of their requirements. Or if you are a student, they will upgrade your storage as well. You are also limited on bandwidth, so sharing and uploading large files will take some time.

The second plan is $9.99 per month, but grants you 1TB (1,000 GB’s) of storage space, and you have more controls on sharing, increased bandwidth as well as version history in which you can restore.

The third plan is a business plan, which is $15 per month. This gives the greatest amount of sharing control, bandwidth and storage coming in at unlimited you’ll never run out. This has quite a bit of security features included with it.

The overall secureness of Dropbox depends on two things. The first is the password you set for your account, the second is what plan you have. The free plan does not have encryption with it, though it does have a 2-step verification process you can enable. The Pro and Business plans both have encryption along with the 2-step verification. Most people generally don’t need to have encryption as they just upload some files and photos, which usually aren’t private information.

You can use this on your desktop (Mac, Linux, or Windows) as well as an iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Kindle Fire. These will have quite a few settings in order to setup automatic uploads or backups, and obviously an interface in which to upload, download, or view documents and media.

I selected this service to explain, because I have used it for several years. It is quite useful in backing up images and a few documents. I also have setup a shared folder so my friend and I can share larger files quite easily for design purposes.

Overall, I would highly recommend this application and service. Especially the Free version as there are a few promotions in which you can get a few extra GB’s of space.


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